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There's no such thing as a safe tan. 0

From US News and World Report: The International Agency for Research on Cancer – an affiliate of the World Health Organization – has categorized indoor tanning devices in its list of Group 1 carcinogens. Other group members include plutonium exposure, ultraviolet radiation from the sun and cigarette smoking. In 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration changed its categorization of indoor tanning devices from Class 1, which is low risk, to Class II, which suggests a moderate to high risk. Many state governments have gone further and passed legislation limiting access to indoor tanning devices for people under 18 years of age, plus imposed regulations like requiring parental consent. Shockingly, data suggests that more people will develop skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation exposure than the number of people who will develop lung cancer from cigarette smoking.

Bottom line: Wear your sunscreen every day. Choose one with a minimum of SPF 30 and reapply liberally. Choose one that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Remember: No matter what anyone tells you, there is no such thing as "safe sun". Or "safe tanning". And it doesn't matter your ethnicity. African-Americans and Latinx persons get skin cancer too.
In addition, limit exposure from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, when the sun's rays are the strongest and most direct. Finally, do frequent self-checks of your skin and see your dermatologist 1x per year for a full check. Skin cancer kills. Protect yourself!

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Are Your Make-Up Brushes Making Your Skin Worse? 0

Our skin is positively teeming with bacteria, some beneficial, some not so much. We keep this in check by using appropriate cleansers and through serums and creams that add an oxygen molecule to the area (the bacteria found in acne lesions is anaerobic and HATES oxygen).
But those steps can be rendered ineffectual if you don't clean your make-up brushes. 
A recent test by the beauty and lifestyle website Byrdie showed that make-up brushes, even ones thought to be clean, hold bacteria and fungus that can worsen the condition of the skin.
How do you combat it? Regular (and I mean a cursory cleanse daily and a deep cleanse at least once per week) cleansing of your brushes can help. It is also wise to replace brushes every few years as it has been shown that the older the brush, the more bacteria and fungus it holds, even after regular cleansing.
The good news is that you don't have to spend money on expensive brush cleansers in order to maintain good brush hygiene. I love using Meow Meow Tweet bar soap on a daily basis and Johnson and Johnson No More Tears Shampoo weekly on my brushes. The key is to use gentle, non drying formulations as too harsh soaps and chemicals can make your brush bristles brittle (try saying that 3 times fast!).

Are you overdue for new brushes? The Gilded Girl carries the finest brushes at affordable prices. Check them out HERE!

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Retinol Skincare Products With Fewer Side Effects Are All The Rage 0

Interested in retinol and what it can do for your skin, but worried about sensitivity? Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Style Editor, Sara Bauknecht, recently asked our own Liz Quesnelle and 2 other experts on this subject:

Retinol skincare products with fewer side effects are all the rage

Many view retinol as royalty in the skincare world for its effective, smoothing properties. For others, it’s synonymous with red, achy, flaky skin. 

Now a fresh bunch of products on store shelves claim to deliver results with few or no side effects.

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Rodial Glamolash XXL Mascara is Back in Stock! 0

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Achieve supercharged volume with Rodial's Glamolash Mascara XXL in Black. Glamolash XXL is a long-wear formula that ensures eyelashes are maximized from day to night. Contains beeswax for lash conditioning, carnauba wax for even adherence to prevent clumping and soluable collagen to provide full body to lashes with added shine. Stock up on it HERE

You won't believe your eyes.
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What To Expect (From Your Skin Care) When You're Expecting 0

Being anglophiles, we were so excited to see that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child in Spring 2019. Our first thought was: "Oh, please be a ginger baby!". Our second? "Meghan is going to have to switch up her skin care!".

Good skin care is important during pregnancy as the changes in hormones can significantly impact the skin. Since some skin care ingredients can reach the blood stream and affect the developing fetus, it is imperative that women understand what they can and cannot safely use during pregnancy.

What to avoid:
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Your Daily Beauty Clock 0

One question that we're frequently asked is how to schedule a daily routine. It's true that there are products that should only be used at night and products that work better for the day. We're here to break the schedule down for you so that your skin can look its best!

Eye Contour/Lift/De-Puff Cream

Now, you might think that we've forgotten cleansing. Nope. We haven't. Washing your face 2x per day, for most people, is actually too often. Stripping away your body's natural oils can result in flaky and even oilier skin. This is especially important during the drier winter months. 
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle