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You Gotta Have Some Class(es)! 0

We're Classin' Up The Joint!  Celebrate the ending of the mask mandate by grabbing some vaccinated friends (or having your teen and tween children...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
Patyka Gift With Purchase!

Patyka Gift With Purchase! 0

Patyka is a Parisian house of organic cosmetics whose origins date back to the 1920s. Working with the best producers to harvest botanical actives ...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
Stop! Don't Pop!

Stop! Don't Pop! 0

A survey of 2,000 women has determined that the average woman pops 4,143 pimples in her lifetime. That is a LOT of pimples and, even though it seem...
  • Randall Sulkin
Haoma Gift With Purchase!

Haoma Gift With Purchase! 0

Inspired by a plant of the same name, Haoma was founded on the belief that the human connection to nature is the key to wellness.An herbalist-led t...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
Peachy-Keen Monochromatic Look

Peachy-Keen Monochromatic Look 0

If you've been on Instagram lately, you've probably seen the hashtag #PeachesMakeupChallenge, which was created by Hailey Bieber in celebration of ...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Cruelty-free is the ONLY way to be 0

Animals shouldn't be testing grounds for beauty products. That's why you can shop with confidence at The Gilded Girl, knowing that we would never s...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

The Gilded Girl Is Moving To Sewickley! 0

After a little break from brick and mortar life, we've finally found the perfect location for The Gilded Girl Beauty Emporium.Our new home is 408 B...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Dolphin skin: Skin dives beyond "dewy" and straight into wet. 0

A recent trend that's been making waves all over Instagram is "dolphin skin". 

Dolphin skin is  how you’d imagine your face looking after rising out of the water.  Unlike the aptly named glass skin, which is all about acheiving a smooth, poreless, luminous complexion via an elaborate skin-care routine, dolphin skin is the effect of highlighter....and more highlighter....and even more highlighter. It looks shiny and vaguely slippery.

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle