More than a premium beauty brand, ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is the sensual magic escape from the mundane.

Our world of the Enchanted Garden with the product stories blurring the line between reality and imagination appeals to everyone who appreciates moments of whimsy, mystery and fantasy in life. Drawing inspiration from Victorian England’s contradictory way of life, we celebrate emotional, rebellious, individual and intellectual beauty. We describe this unique style with a slightly dark twist as Neo-Victorian. Various symbols of escapism and indulgence – the mysterious Black Hare, the Alice-like Princess Rouge, the strange and beautiful Enchanted Garden – reflect the excellent product quality that we offer and pleases the senses on another, an aesthetic and intellectual level.

The long-lasting, actives-packed formulations caress and refresh your skin – a true pleasure to apply and to wear. The complex, luxuriant colours flatter you effortlessly. But there is even more – from the exquisiteness of the textures and the performance of the products to the absolutely unique, authentically quirky storytelling and playfully elegant packaging. 

From romantically sensual to cheeky rebellious, from charmingly virtuous to intriguing, from charismatic to understated, Rouge Bunny Rouge is your daily dose of magic!

Rouge Bunny Rouge

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