The love story between Christian Lenart and his floral waters took roots in the mid 1940’s. Christian Lenart was the son of a Parisian pharmacist who first decided to bottle his floral waters in ether blue bottles and to name his brand after his son. Christian Lenart soon became a renown brand thanks to the quality of its products combining naturality and efficiency. Its legendary blue bottles became iconic and have since been used by many. It is today the leading Floral Waters brand in France with millions of bottles sold.

Floral waters are still obtained through the traditional water vapor distillation process in order to preserve the quality of the plants’ natural active principles. Floral waters are face lotions to be used in the morning and in the evening after removing make-up, to clean, refresh, tone or sooth the skin. The formulas are composed of more than 98% natural ingredients. They are alcohol and paraben-free and are tested under dermatological control. Naturally scented, floral waters make the beauty gesture a real moment of pleasure and well-being. Christian Lenart Floral Waters are made in France.

Christian Lenart

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