Private Adult Make-Up and Skin Care Classes For Up To 6 People:

BYOB or please inquire about food, beverage and gift packages.

Flawless Skin Class - Ever look at all of the skin care on the market and become overwhelmed? What is an AHA anyway? Do I need retinol or enzymes? Or both? Or neither? We're here to help you take the guess work out of skin care and to help you create the best regimen for you, your skin, and your lifestyle. In this 2 hours class, you will also learn how to create a great no-make-up make-up look that will leave your skin looking radiant and polished.

All About The Eyes - In this 2 hour class, you're going to learn why the eyes really DO have it. From creating a soft, subtle look that brightens the eye to whipping up a sultry smoky eye. you're going to learn it all. We'll play with pops of color so that you can really refresh your look, making it modern and fun. Take this in conjunction with the Flawless Face class, and you'll be ready for any activity or event life throws at you!

Make-Up and Skin Care for Mature SkinOur make-up and skin care needs change throughout our lives. What works when you're 20 doesn't work when you're 60. That's where we come in. Come and learn the easiest, best make-up and skin care tricks to have you looking your best. This is an attendee-driven class. You have questions? We have answers. And we'll have a lot of fun together!

New Trends in Make-UpThe Pandemic really kept us from creating great make-up looks. In fact, it kept most of us from creating ANY make-up look. Now that we're able to be out and about more safely, it's time to refresh your look, level-up your make-up game, and have some fun. In this class, you'll learn the hottest make-up trends (and believe us, there are LOADS of them coming down the seems EVERYONE is ready to put their faces back on.). From eyes to lips, cheeks to brows, you'll leave here confident in your ability to recreate these looks at home.

Create Your OwnThe only rule of make-up is there are no rules and, because of that, we want you to be able to create your own make-up classes. Learn anything you like. One-product, monochromatic looks? Drag queen make-up? Brow shaping? You want to learn it, we will do our best to accommodate. Mix and match components of our set classes to create one that really suits your needs. 


Private Teen/Tween Make-Up and Skin Care Class For Up To 9 People:

BYOB or please inquire about food, beverage and gift packages.

In this 90 minute class, learn how to apply a classic look that is suitable for special events, as well as an everyday look that is great for school, church, or just hanging with friends. We will also discuss skin care regimens, acne treatments, and proper hygienic methods for keeping make-up clean and lasting longer! Includes a Q&A session and instruction on other techniques of interest.