Vintage Inspired Cruelty Free Makeup

Pretty Vulgar cosmetics embody the fact that we are not just one thing. As people, we are beautiful, multifaceted contradictions, which you will find sprinkled throughout our brand.

Our makeup looks are motivated by the colorful diversity of pretty birdies all around us, encouraging our all-inclusive mindset. Whether you feel elegant like a swan, dark like a raven or any shade in between, we want you to feel free as a bird in exploring every nuance and shade of your personality.

Just like our elegant feathered friends, our products are equally dainty and inspired by an eclectic vintage aesthetic. They bring back a timeless quality of generations past and are designed to look as good on you as they will on your vanity, yet are coupled with colorful shade names like “Backstabber" and “ My Ash” ;)

Conceived by a collective flock of industry veterans, innovators and makeup artists, our cruelty-free makeup formulations are developed free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Experience the diverse spectrum of vibrant colors, lightweight applications and long-wear formulas. Use your imagination, trust your intuition and express who you truly are. The choice isn't pretty or vulgar, but to blend, blur and mix into colors that are uniquely you.

Pretty Vulgar

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