During summer of 2016, my daughter and I were watching a makeup tutorial. My daughter was laughing, talking about how the lipstick color on the guru's lips looked like hotdog!  She loved it so much that I wanted to buy her a hotdog lipstick! I asked her if she knew of one. We looked and there was nothing close to it, but she said that if there were, all her friends would buy it!  Literally, the idea of Gorjue came to me like a bolt of lightening! Why not make a cosmetics line that mimics colors and foods from around the world, including a New York Hotdog Lipstick! It made sense! There's not a day that you browse through your social media and don't see a post of mouthwatering food or a beautiful makeup look! Ideas of art were pumping and pumping out of my heart!

We want this brand to stand for humbleness, hard work, authenticity, dreams, and most importantly, fierce, enigmatic passion. We want our followers to know that everything we do comes from the heart and we want to spread positivity and uplifting words of encouragement. The world needs more of that! Feel what your heart wants, believe what your dreams tell you, encourage positive actions, forgive often, and keep a strong focused mind to persevere to happiness and success, because whatever circumstances come your way, there may be a blessing in disguise.  We humbly thank you for your support and we hope you truly enjoy our art. 


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