As a young girl, Gabriela Hernandez would watch in complete wonder while her beloved grandmother applied makeup as part of her daily beauty ritual. From the swipe of a bold lip color to the dusting of rouge on a cheek, Gabriela loved how this small moment connected art to beauty, and grandmother to granddaughter.

After immigrating from Buenos Aires to the United States, Gabriela’s fascination for cosmetics grew into passion followed by expertise. She became a historian of makeup through the decades, studying photography and art direction before publishing the book, Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup, and then founding Bésame Cosmetics.

Embracing proven beauty tools, trends, and techniques of eras past, Gabriela has created a carefully curated line of cosmetic essentials – inspired by style icons both famous and familial. Just like watching her grandmother apply makeup decades ago, Bésame offers authentic connection across generations, so you can build looks that transcend time.

Through deep respect for the art of makeup, each Bésame product begins with years of research on the history behind the colors and formulations. From movie studios to vintage shops and everything in between, our founder works tirelessly to find the authentic stand-out shades from past eras and revives them for the modern-day woman.

In an effort to stay true to iconic shades, Gabriela seeks out top biochemists to ensure that colors are brought to life precisely as they would have been when originally released. The result is a meticulously designed collection that tells a beautiful history – and unfolds before you in every swipe across your lip or brushstroke on your cheek.

With these thoughtfully designed products and formulations that effortlessly stand the test of time, you have at your fingertips the preeminent makeup essentials needed to create your own iconic style.

Bésame Cosmetics

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