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Peachy-Keen Monochromatic Look

Peachy-Keen Monochromatic Look 0

If you've been on Instagram lately, you've probably seen the hashtag #PeachesMakeupChallenge, which was created by Hailey Bieber in celebration of ...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Cruelty-free is the ONLY way to be 0

Animals shouldn't be testing grounds for beauty products. That's why you can shop with confidence at The Gilded Girl, knowing that we would never s...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

The Gilded Girl Is Moving To Sewickley! 1

After a little break from brick and mortar life, we've finally found the perfect location for The Gilded Girl Beauty Emporium.Our new home is 408 B...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Dolphin skin: Skin dives beyond "dewy" and straight into wet. 0

A recent trend that's been making waves all over Instagram is "dolphin skin". 

Dolphin skin is  how you’d imagine your face looking after rising out of the water.  Unlike the aptly named glass skin, which is all about acheiving a smooth, poreless, luminous complexion via an elaborate skin-care routine, dolphin skin is the effect of highlighter....and more highlighter....and even more highlighter. It looks shiny and vaguely slippery.

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Skin Prep For Exceptional Make-Up Applications 0

Whether you're aiming to embrace a low-maintenance summer look or practicing glamorous and on-trend looks for a special event, there is one step that is essential for a beautiful, finished look: SKIN PREP.

Skin Prep is different from your daily regimen in that it infuses a quick boost of hydration to the skin,
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Make-Up When You're Masked-Up 0

Make-Up While Masked Up

Wearing a mask in public doesn't mean that you can't have fun with make-up at the same time! Sure, maybe anything but a good lip balm is extraneous on the lower half of your face. But why not play up your most compelling, expressive feature - your eyes?

We recently discussed making up while masking up with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Lifestyle and Fashion Editor, Sara Bauknecht.
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Caring For Your Hands 0

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, we all find ourselves washing our hands and using sanitizer more than ever. While this is necessary and important to do, it can also leave our hands vulnerable to damage and contact dermatitis.

When we overwash our hands and use alcohol based sanitizers (Again - something we MUST do right now for the good of public health), our hands become stripped of essential oils and its barrier function becomes compromised. What does that mean?

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Meow Meow Tweet Face Mask Recipes 0

Here's just a sampling of the great skin treatments you can give yourself using Meow Meow Tweet's Face Mask.

Oily Skin:
Mix a dime sized amount of powder with 1 teaspoon water and 1 teaspoon of witch hazel to create a paste. You can scale up as needed, but this should be enough to cover your entire face. The paste need not be in applied in a thick layer to be effective! Let sit until dry, approximately...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle