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Fall 2018 Trends To Try 0

The beauty looks shown at the Fall 2018 runway shows, which took place in Spring 2018, ran the gamut from classic chic to otherworldly glam. Here are the top looks which you should incorporate into your Fall/Winter palette!

Red Lips: I know, I there nothing new under the sun? But trust us, nothing, and we mean NOTHING, makes you look more put together than a classic red lip. It's the fastest way to deliver a polished look.

Golden Eyes:
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

What you can learn from Madonna's skin care regimen 0

Can you believe that the Material Girl is 60? We can't either. She takes such good care of herself that she looks way younger than that. In a recen...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Don't Cry Over Spilled Blush 0

We've all been there. We're putting on our face for the day and - whoops - the compact containing our powder/blush/bronzer/highlighter flies out of...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Spring Beauty and Bling! Saturday, June 2nd, noon - 5:00 p.m. 0

  Spring Beauty and Bling The Gilded Girl and Idia’Dega blend their collections of cosmetics and jewelry for a special pop-up event in Lawrencevil...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Squalene/Squalane Oil. What is it? Should you use it? 0

There's been a lot of buzz about Squalene and Squalane Oil recently. But what is it and should you add it to your regimen?Squalene is a colorless p...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

What to look for when choosing a sunscreen 0

The weather has finally turned and we are loving it! But with the sunshine comes more time spent outdoors. It's so important to protect your skin f...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
Arriving soon: Luxury, non-toxic cosmetics line, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Arriving soon: Luxury, non-toxic cosmetics line, Rouge Bunny Rouge 0

Coming this Spring to The Gilded Girl:Rouge Bunny Rouge.This Italian-made line combines the best of whimsical packaging and fine-crafted cosmetics....
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
Just in: Three New Fragrances From Berdoues

Just in: Three New Fragrances From Berdoues 0

New at The Gilded Girl: The three latest fragrances from venerable fragrance house (and customer favorite) Berdoues.We love Berdoues' unique and be...
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle