Skin Prep For Exceptional Make-Up Applications

Whether you're aiming to embrace a low-maintenance summer look or practicing glamorous and on-trend looks for a special event, there is one step that is essential for a beautiful, finished look: SKIN PREP.

Skin Prep is different from your daily regimen in that it infuses a quick boost of hydration to the skin, allowing for a dewy, healthy glow. Due to this infusion of moisture, dry patches are remedied allowing for a smoother surface for your skin, without adding the redness one might get from a pre-application exfoliation.

One easy way to accomplish this is via products containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that naturally occurs in the body. It can hold 1000x its molecular weight in water, binding moisture to the skin. It results in an instantly refreshed and plumped appearance.

My favorite way to fast-blast skin with hyaluronic acid is via Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic. Spritz skin liberally and pat to help the product penetrate the surface layer. Wait about a minute before continuing with your make-up application. I love this product so much that, between now and Halloween, we are giving you 30% off! The price is already reflected on the website. 

Preparing your skin for your cosmetic application will result in a smoother, longer lasting wear and is an absolute must for every season, but particularly the drier fall and winter months.

Happy Hydrating!

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  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
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