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One question that we're frequently asked is how to schedule a daily routine. It's true that there are products that should only be used at night and products that work better for the day. We're here to break the schedule down for you so that your skin can look its best!

Eye Contour/Lift/De-Puff Cream

Now, you might think that we've forgotten cleansing. Nope. We haven't. Washing your face 2x per day, for most people, is actually too often. Stripping away your body's natural oils can result in flaky and even oilier skin. This is especially important during the drier winter months. 

Using a product that will reduce puffiness around the eyes is great for looking more youthful and more awake. This differs from an eye cream as the eye cream should have more of a cumulative effect from ingredients that are best suited for use while you sleep. An eye contour should create an immediate effect.

Moisturizers are important as they create a barrier between your skin and the external world, helping to protect you from pollutants. They also keep your skin from losing too much moisture via evaporation.

Finally, you know why SPF is important. So use it. Skin cancer is on the rise and even incremental sun exposure can add up to a big problem.


Daily Exfoliation
Treatment Serum
Eye Cream

After the day is done, it's important to wash the make-up, dirt, grime, and excess oil off of your skin, using a gentle cleanser. We recommend sulfate free cleansers as they do not strip the skin.

Following cleansing, you need to use a gentle daily exfoliant. We prefer chemical exfoliants to scrubs as scrubs can irritate the skin and, in some cases, can even cause microtears, which allows bacteria to infiltrate. Chemical exfoliants include retinol, glycolic acid, and lactic acid.

After the exfoliation, apply any other serum that you use (Vitamin C, Brightening, etc). Having freshly exfoliated skin allows for a deeper penetration of these products. Incidentally, we do encourage everyone to use a Vitamin C serum.

Next comes eye cream, which should contain ceramides and peptides. These are ingredients that promote a more youthful appearance after prolonged use.

Finally, your moisturizer. Like the day moisturizer, this can help slow the evaporation of water from your skin. Unlike day moisturizers, these can have more active ingredients such as niacinamides, peptides, vitamins, and other nutrients. As you sleep, the body does its healing. So using these ingredients at night amplifies the effect. 

Please contact Liz at Liz@thegildedgirl. com to create a comprehensive skin care regimen that can address all of your skin care goals!

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