Vitamin C + Sunscreen + Retinol - The 1-2-3 punch that knocks out aging skin!

The most common request that we get from our customers is for anti-aging regimens. While there are a lot of different and effective ingredients and products on the market today, we still feel that nothing beats the classic, simple regimen of Vitamin C and Sunscreen in the morning and Retinol at night.

Why use these a different times during the day? Simply put, Vitamin C and retinol require different a different pH to work. By using them together, you are significantly reducing the efficacy of both of them, which means you're not getting the full benefits of these powerhouse ingredients.

Vitamin C should always be used in the morning as it's anti-oxidant power helps to protect skin from environmental damage. Pairing it with sunscreen may help to protection from the sun's damaging rays. Make sure you apply the Vitamin C first and let it absorb, then follow that with a good sunscreen. We recommend:
Glo Skin Beauty 15% Vitamin C and Glo Skin Beauty Solar Shade SPF 50  

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative and is used to promote healthy exfoliation and cellular turnover, as well as stimulating collagen production. Retinol, like any Vitamin A derivative, should not be used by women who are pregnant, looking to become pregnant, or nursing. 
Using a mild daily retinol can help your skin retain or recapture a youthful glow and is a must for any regimen.
We like: Glo Skin Beauty Renew Serum 
Glo's Renew Serum also contains glycolic acid for exfoliation and salicylic acid for cleaning out the pores, helping to reduce skin congestion.

To learn more about keeping skin youthful, contact Liz at or stop by to try products out for yourself, receive samples, and to receive expert advice on any and all issues pertaining to the skin.

As an esthetician with 15 years experience, Liz also offers clinical strength Vitamin C and retinol peels and treatments. Stop by or email to learn more!

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  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
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