Know Your Dosha, Know Your Skin


Not sure what kind of skin care works best for you? Look no further than your dosha! Doshas are the 3 energies that flow through your body, according to Ayurvedic Medicine. Each of us has an essential Dosha that makes up our constitution. To find out yours, take this quiz:

The 3 Doshas and their effect on the skin:

: This dosha has thin skin that is often normal to dry skin, with smaller pores and s mostly free of breakouts.Vata skin tends towards fine lines and wrinkles, excessive dryness, flakiness, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and under eye circles. Thus, moisturizing is the most important step for Vata individuals. Use oil and cream based cleansers, products containing hyaluronic acids,  and emollient moisturizers are of the utmost importance. Products containing peptides are also helpful to plump up the skin.

Pitta: Pitta skin tends to be sensitive, pale, clear, and glowing with pink undertones, and often has freckles or moles. Pitta skin has a tendency to become red, irritated, and oily when imbalanced. Individuals in this dosha tend to break out in the classic T-zone. These acne pustules are usually small, red, and inflamed, as opposed to the cystic variety. Rosacea is also a pitta condition. To balance this skin type, it is essential to use gentle ingredients that clear pores and reduce redness. Cucumber, aloe, green tea, hyaluronic acid, and lavender are great ingredients for pitta skin. A soothing gel cleanser, followed by a soothing serum and a lightweight moisturizer is the preferred daily regimen.

Kapha: Kapha skin is thicker, normal to oily, and with larger pores. Because kapha skin is oily, wrinkles and fine lines aren't as much of an issue. However, cystic acne, blackheads, excessive oiliness, dull skin, and puffiness can be. Kapha skin requires a balancing oil, clay and/or charcoal to draw out excess oil and impurites, salicylic acid for congestion, and lightweight moisturizers.

Have questions about balancing your Dosha and finding the right products to help keep your skin happy? Stop by and talk to our licensed esthetician, Liz, or email her at

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