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Winter Celebration Make-Up Class! 0

The Gilded Girl is hosting Winter Celebration make-up classes on Thursday, November 10 from 7:00–8:30pm and Saturday, November 19 from 9–10:30am.
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Smith and Cult Launches Eye Makeup Line! 0

Calling all fans of Smith & Cult’s brilliant nail polish line. The brand has expanded into eye makeup. The collection is everything you need for a new, flawless fall look.
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

October 2016 Classes! 0

This fall’s classes feature some classics, as well as a new Halloween class that will have your costume looking painfully real!

Mad Men Make-Up
Thursday, October 6, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Fall 2016 Make-Up Trends 0

Traditionally, when we think of fall make-up, we think of brick red/burgundy lips, darker eyeshadow colors and paler skin. This year, kick some of those tired looks to the curb and try something new!

Shimmer and Shine!

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

The Gilded Girl Awarded “Boutique of the Year” at Style Week Pittsburgh’s 2016 Style Awards 0

The Gilded Girl Beauty Emporium received the coveted “Boutique of the Year” award at Style Week Pittsburgh’s 2016 Style Awards. 
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Much Ado About Serums 0

We get asked a lot of skin care and beauty questions here at The Gilded Girl.  No topic seems to generate more questions than that of serums. Here is handy primer on skin care’s magic bullet!

What in the heck is a serum?

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

Don’t Go For The Gold 0

Few words in the English language suggest as much luxury as the word “gold”.  It’s everywhere this season, bringing a little luxe to eye-shadows, handbags, shoes, jewelry and yes, skin care. But does gold have useful topical application? It depends on who you ask. If you ask premium skin care companies like La Prairie and Chantecaille, they absolutely do.
  • Elizabeth Quesnelle

August 2016 Classes! 0

It’s nearing back to school time and The Gilded Girl has every class you want to take!

Want to know how French women look so gorgeous without looking like they’ve spent much time on themselves at all? Then this class is pour vous. Indulge in macarons and wine as we teach you the beauty secrets of the French, from skin care to cosmetics, from day to night. Fantastique!

  • Elizabeth Quesnelle