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We get asked a lot of skin care and beauty questions here at The Gilded Girl.  No topic seems to generate more questions than that of serums. Here is handy primer on skin care’s magic bullet!

What in the heck is a serum?
A serum is a beauty product designed to deliver powerful, active ingredients into your skin. As a delivery system, it is superior to moisturizer in that the smaller molecules can penetrate into the skin where many are much more effective, rather than sitting on the surface.

So a serum replaces a moisturizer?
Not usually. It’s true that serums often contain moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which help with moisture retention in the skin. However, moisturizers are still needed to protect the surface of the skin. As a barrier, moisturizers smooth down the cuticle (top) layer of the skin, assists in protecting the skin from outside influences, such as pollution, and slows down the evaporation of water from the skin.

What ingredients are best delivered in a serum?
Vitamin C (specifically in L-Ascorbic Acid form) is particularly potent in a serum. Since Vitamin C is highly unstable, serum packaging is usually superior to moisturizer packaging in terms of keeping oxygen out, making it last longer. Also, Vitamin C needs to get into the skin to do what it’s good at (reducing inflammation, increasing collagen production, cleaning up environmental damage).

Retinols are a must for any anti-aging regimen. Vitamin A derivatives are the gold standard for exfoliation, increasing the rate of cell turnover, reducing inflammation, and studies are starting to point to the ability of retinol to build elastin.  One caveat: Vitamin A derivatives CANNOT be used by women who are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant, or who are nursing.

Vitamins E and B5 – These guys are brilliant when it comes to strengthening cells, increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and (in the case of Vitamin E), protects the skin from environmental damage and speeds the healing process.

Anti-Oxidants: If your skin is looking dull, sluggish, sun-damaged, discolored, or just sort of blah, look for anti-oxidants such as green or white tea, acai extract, resveratrol, pomegranate, coffeeberry, and licorice.

Serums Available At The Gilded Girl:

Rodial Dragon’s Blood XXL Advanced Sculpting Serum: This serum infuses the skin with intense triple potency of our dragon’s blood complex to help regain skin’s youthful ‘bounce’. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, the unique Dragon’s Blood complex is combined with Dermapep and HemaTite to oxygenate, firm, moisturise and redensify the skin to reduce appearance of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Indie Lee Swiss Apple Facial Serum: A revolutionary anti-aging serum designed to even the skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and preserve a youthful appearance. Formulated with the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple, this combination of rich proteins, phytonutrients, and metabolites boosts cell production and protects your skin from environmental stress.

Glo Therapeutics 15% Vitamin C Serum: Visibly transforms skin’s clarity and reduces the appearance of fine lines with a high dose of Vitamin C. Antioxidants and minerals synergistically defend against free radical damage and the resulting effects.

Glo Therapeutics B5 Hydration:  Restores skin’s suppleness through a balance of nourishment and hydration. High levels of humectants balance moisture content and prevent transepidermal water loss.

As always, stop by and see, call, or email our owner and licensed esthician, Liz Quesnelle, with any questions about which serums are right for your skin.

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