Mother Earth wants to be beautiful too.

As consumers become more and more concerned with the ingredients they are putting into and onto their bodies, one aspect of green skin care is being overlooked by some: Sustainable packaging. With single use products on the rise, we are turning the green beauty movement into an ecological nightmare. The largest culprits of this, of course, are the single use masks. We love a good mask as much as the next person. But it's time we focus on how these highly effective ingredients are delivered and not just on the results we acheive from them.

And it's not just the masks themselves. The masks often come in aluminum pouches that can not be recycled. And then there's the plastic sheeting on the back of each mask. All of this results in a ton of garbage going into landfills for a mere 20 minutes of beauty treatments, many of which result in a minor, temporary improvement to the skin.

So what's the solution? Purchasing your beauty in recyclable or - even better - reuseable containers can make a big difference in terms of minimizing the deleterious effects beauty products can have on Mother Earth. Remember, she wants to be beautiful too.

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  • Elizabeth Quesnelle
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