L'infuseur - Infusion Collection Box

Product Description

The "Infusion Collection" box brings together the 6 natural signature mixtures of L'infuseur, for a total of 36 sachets of infusions. A selection of the best plants rich in tastes, flavors and benefits. An inspiring box that reconciles pleasure and well-being. It covers all your needs and to benefit from all the benefits of plants, start on the 1st day with no. 1 LIGNE and finish with no. 6 DETOX on the basis of a minimum of 3 cups per day. It is an ideal gift to offer to all lovers of infusions.

Our sachets are made of corn starch and our packaging of wood cellulose

    • 6 sachets of LIGNE infusion
    A source of well-being, this infusion of rooibos and lemongrass notes makes it possible to hydrate and eliminate all day.

    • 6 sachets of the CALME infusion
    You will enjoy the notes of honey, orange blossom and verbena from this mixture for a soft and relaxing break.

    • 6 sachets of the DIGESTIF infusion
    Ideal after a meal, the DIGESTIF infusion combines the benefits of thyme and rosemary for better digestion.

    • 6 sachets of TONIQUE infusion
    TONIQUE infusion brings together the benefits of mint and citrus fruits for a mixture that puts you back in shape!

    • 6 sachets of the DELICE infusion
    The DELICE infusion with its notes of verbena and marjoram offers comforting breaks.

    • 6 sachets of the DETOX infusion
    The Infuser's DETOX infusion is a real detoxifying youth cure for self-care.


    Maximum quantity available reached.

    Put 1 sachet per cup before pouring your simmering water ideally at 200° F. Let infuse 5 to 7 minutes. LINE, TONIC, DELICE and DETOX infusions can also be frozen. To do this, let your infusion cool before placing in the freezer. You can also choose a cold infusion by allowing 2 to 3 hours to infuse at room temperature.

    The "infusion collection" box should be placed in a cool, dry place.


    Calme: Honeybush, Orange Bark, Citronnelle, Verveine, Potatoes of Orange Flower, Sweet Fenouil, Black Carvi, Plea of Blueberry Flower, Natural Aroma of Orange Flower, Lavender Flowers

    Delice: Verveine, Marjoram, Rose Petals, Cacao Crane, Pétales de Coquelicot, Red Worthy, Orange Natural Aroma, Souci and Blue Petals

    Detox: Pieces of Apple, Citronnelle, Bayes of Juniper, Hibiscus, Cassis, Ortie, Mate vert, Natural aroma of Cassis

    Digestif: Rosemary, Sage, Thym from Provence, Peppermint, Anis, Licorice, Basilic, Cinnamon, Rose Buttons, Rose Petals, Bergamot essential oil

    Ligne: Citronnelle, Chicorée, Rooibos, Ananas, Pissenlit, Orange Bark, Licorice, Natural aroma of Mandarin

    Tonique: Soft Mint, Orange Bark, Ginger, Lemon Bark, Cinnamon, Green Maté, Ginseng, Clous de Girofle

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